Not as easy as it looks

The hardest part for me about taking pictures in Second Life isn’t the editing (even though I can’t do any fancy edits). It’s the locations. I have many blogs bookmarked that I really love to visit every day. Some of them are in new locations every day, some are building up “sets”, but some of them are just on white backdrops or colorful backdrops. I don’t have any one blog style I favor over the others, of course, but I WISH I could make my own sets. I’m still frustrated I can’t get my skybox all cute like some of the bloggers do, but I’m going to try to not let that mess up my head for picture taking. I think I’ll do some pictures with just plain backgrounds and see how I like it.

With that all said, these are the last two pictures I took. Next ones will be in the comfort of my living room.




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