Group gifts are lovely this time of year

The hair is a group gift from Doe and has little snowflakes falling (there is a no-snowflake option too). The little snowman is a subscriber gift from Label Motion. I had looked everywhere a couple weeks ago for some kind of cute holdable Christmas-y toy too and couldn’t find anything I really liked. The outfit is the group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. I’ve been a group member from BDR for so long. I recently found group gifts from like 5 or 6 years ago hidden away in my inventory. I’m sure there are more too.






Man I spent so much money this week. On the plus side, it was all things I had already wanted and forced myself to wait until it was on sale to buy. Well, except this outfit from Moon Elixir. I didn’t even know I wanted it until I tried it on! The horns were free at The Fantasy Collective (from Moon Elixir ofc!). The boots were on sale from Essenz. I needed a nice detailed boot for my Maitreya mesh body. All in all, I love everything about this look!




Quality over quantity

If you stumbled on my little space, I hope you don’t think this title is referring to my posts. lol By “quality” I’m referring to the quality of the detail that the creators in SL are able to get onto their meshes. This dress, from the first time I saw it on another blog, I had to have it. The lace at the bottom is so pretty. Makes me want to wear lots of lace IRL now too!



Not as easy as it looks

The hardest part for me about taking pictures in Second Life isn’t the editing (even though I can’t do any fancy edits). It’s the locations. I have many blogs bookmarked that I really love to visit every day. Some of them are in new locations every day, some are building up “sets”, but some of them are just on white backdrops or colorful backdrops. I don’t have any one blog style I favor over the others, of course, but I WISH I could make my own sets. I’m still frustrated I can’t get my skybox all cute like some of the bloggers do, but I’m going to try to not let that mess up my head for picture taking. I think I’ll do some pictures with just plain backgrounds and see how I like it.

With that all said, these are the last two pictures I took. Next ones will be in the comfort of my living room.



No more creepy stuff

I say no more creepy stuff but what I really mean is “back to the cute stuff”. I always feel obligated around Halloween to wear the creepy stuff. I guess because it’s easier in SL to dress up than it is in real life. Hopefully this will be my last Halloween inspired set of pictures for a little while. I do like dressing up as a spooky doll occasionally though. Scary dolls really are my bane.